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ALUTAL ALUMINIUM & GLASS LLC, Dubai UAE, was established in 2002, Our Company is a specialized Aluminium contractor which provides a wide range of high quality products of Aluminium and Glass construction such as: Conventional & 4-Way Structural Glazing Curtain Wall, Skylights and Domes, all types of Doors and Windows, Shop Fronts, Handrails, Aluminium Composite Cladding.

ALUTAL ALUMINIUM & GLASS Head Office and Factory in UAE is located at 22nd Street, Al Quoz Industrial Area 3, Dubai.

ALUTAL ALUMINIUM AND GLASS ensures the customer satisfaction by adhering to international standards and project specifications while offering cost-effective solutions is an integral part of our working principles and no compromise policies.

A perfect result means carrying out each processing step perfectly. ALUTAL ALUMINIUM & GLASS therefore is constantly delivering to best practice by on-going training and development. Computerized Design and Engineering Departments work closely together, using the latest machinery and equipment, with highly trained Operators, Fabricators and Supervisors to satisfy the extensive demands of its discerning Clients. 

Quality Policy

As part of its on-going commitment to excellence, Alutal for Aluminium and Glass LLC are committed to supply the highest quality across all the Company’s business areas.

By consistently providing products/services that meet or exceed consumer expectation and international standards, we will develop user loyalty and to achieve strong business performance in our field of “Aluminium Fabrication”.

All our Employees are expected to help the Company to attain high Quality Standards. It is our Company Policy to:

* Maintain and keep records of a Quality Management System in accordance with International Standards, Regulations and Directives.
* Ensure all staffs are fully trained and understand their roles providing quality products and good customer service.
* Provide products/services which fully meet customer requirements.
* Develop or acquire products/services which are Cost effective, safe and reliable.
* Make sure the services and materials from suppliers are of consistent and sufficient in quantity and quality.
* Strive for continual improvement in performance, underpinned by the necessary financial resources, and highlight objectives and progress through internal and external communications. 

Design Consideration

Aluminium and Glazing system has always been a prime tool for the Architect to give an independent identity to his creation. This means that the Aluminium and Glazing Sub-contractor should have the capacity and capability to offer custom built Structural Glazing, Skylights, Curtain Wall, Façade System, Doors, Window Canopies, Sun breakers, Staircase and Balcony Railings, Decorative Grilles and Claustra’s to suit the project requirements.

Alutal for Aluminium & Glass LLC is well positioned to cater for the needs of contemporary Architects and Consultants through its competent infrastructure of proficient Management and Office Staff, computerized Design Section, Modernized Workshop, Qualified Engineers and Trained Labors. Our Design and Procurement Departments keep in touch with the latest developments within the Aluminium and Glazing field and modify the workmanship by adapting the latest technology and material developments to give the Client full satisfaction in terms of Economy, Quality and Service. 



Applying the capacity Analysis Methodology is assuring our capability to utilize, compute and expand our resources according to the current requirements and projection.

FACTORY: Equipped with the latest fabrication machineries which is maintaining mass production with high Quality Products. Our Machinery is including CNC WorkCentre (Emmegi Comet T4 CNC 4 Axes) and NC Double Head Cutting Machine (Blitz Alva 500m-Fom Industries) which is the best in the industry. It is capable of processing multi profiles at the time with ultra-accurate performance can reach up to processing more than 250 items (Window, Door or Curtain Wall Unit) per shift.



Fabrication line is including multiple crimping machines (Pressta Eisele 5000, Presto – Fom Industries) which maintains as well the mass production with the best assembly quality, as this machine can take less than a minute to assemble one unit with high quality which makes our factory capable of producing huge number of high Quality Product every day.

Our current manpower capacity is above 200 skilled and well trained labor, which also can expand rapidly to fulfill our commitments as per the time requirements and projection. This manpower is managed by superior management and supervision staff whom has been carefully selected from all over the industry through our extensive experience in the past fifteen years in the Aluminum and Glass industry.

Insulated and Glazing Units

The role of glass selection to comply with the Thermal Performance requirements is our concern since Glass plays a unique and important role in building design and the environment. It affects design, appearance, thermal performance and occupant comfort. The selection of the right glass is a crucial component of the design process.

The soaring heat of our Gulf Region demands a glazing system which can offer optimum light control and heat transfer in order to avoid wastage of expensive electricity by minimizing the power consumption required to maintain a stable climatic condition inside the building.

Best quality spacer tubes, ranging from 6mm to 12mm thickness, moisture absorbing medium and specified double glazing sealants are utilized to make custom built double and triple glazing systems.

The Insulated Glass systems can be of 18, 20, 22, 24, 30, 36 and 42mm thickness, comprising two or more panels of monolithic glass with a dehydrated air space, metal spacer tube filled with desiccant material, hermetically sealed around the periphery. Depending upon the requirement of the site conditions and specification, the panes can be of tempered or laminated glass to improve the overall performance and add the safety dimension.

Insulated and Glazing Units - Aluta

Advance Technology

Surface Treatment

Aluminum sections offer the luxury of various decorative and protective surface treatments: Anodizing, Powder Coating and PVDF Coating.

ANODIZED COATING: The Aluminium section surface can be treated with an electro-chemical surface treatment (a controlled oxidization process) known as anodizing or anodized coating, usually of a thickness of 25 microns. This finish can be in the basic Aluminium color or in a number of shades of bronze or black colors depending upon the choice of the Consultant.

POWDER COATING: This is also an electro-chemical process offering more than 200 different shades to choose from, having a coating thickness of about 80 microns with finishes such as glossy, semi-glossy or textured coating, using polyester or polyurethane powder granules.

SUPER DURABLE POWDER COATING: This is also an electro-chemical process with series of super durable polyester powder coating, specially formulated to satisfy the highest requirements of the building industry regarding aesthetic performance, UV and humidity resistance.

PVDF COATING: This is a wet coating process giving a wide range of color possibilities with a dry film thickness of 1.2 to 1.6 mm thickness delivering better abrasion resistance compared to the above Anodized or Powder Coated finishes. Alutal for Aluminium & Glass LLC have a backward integration with the major process houses and surface treatment plants in the U.A.E. to deliver the project in any of the above with a guarantee for a specified period 

Sufrace Treatment - Alutal Surface Treatment-Alutal-Three Surface Treatment-Alutal-Two

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Schuco, the market leader for innovative building envelopes, stands for global expertise in windows, doors and façades.

Schuco-Alutal UAE

GUTMANN ensures reliable stability as well as rapid fastening to the window sill thanks to an intelligent clip mechanism in the front area of the holder. It’s an additional plus for fabrication.

Guttmann -Alutal UAE

Gulf Extrusions boasts more than 10,000 profile designs for architectural, transportation, engineering and structural applications.

Gulf Extrusions -Alutal UAE

ALUK GROUP started its activity in 1969 and has been the standard of reference for design and production of aluminium systems in Italy for more than 40 years.

ALUK -Alutal UAE

Over 30 years of designing high-quality aluminium products, ALUMIL is one of the largest and most trusted names in home windows and patio doors.

Alumil -Alutal UAE


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